NPS Successful Distinction - Honorary Associate (Hon.A.NPS)

Please find below the complete listing of all successful distinction applicants.
Congratulations to all concerned and welcome to the community of NPS distinction holders!
Special thanks to our Distinctions panel of judges for their work dealing with all the applications, to our Distinctions team who work behind the scenes. A sincere thanks to all concerned.

Note : For a better global strategy, it is a natural decision for us to create a more unique identity for our Society. Hong Kong Nature Photographic Society (HKNPS) has formally changed to International Nature Photographic Society (NPS) as effective on July 1, 2020. All of the formerly issued certificates that are issued remain valid and equivalent. For all NPS distinction holders, you can now change your distinction titles from HKNPS to NPS on your promotional material (e.g. From F.HKNPS to F.NPS, Hon.F.HKNPS to Hon.F.NPS).

NPS Honorary Associate
Name of Photographer Origin of Photographer
Yu Kwok Keung Hong Kong
Merugu Chandra Shekhar India
Bhargav Harge India