Individual photographers of all levels can apply for The International Nature Photographic Society (NPS) Distinctions and submit their portfolios for three levels of Distinctions - Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship. NPS is a registered non-profit organization that exists to increase the knowledge and understanding of nature photography, to promote the highest standards of achievement and to raise the public environmental awareness. All submissions are assessed by a Panel of Judges from our Professional Photographers Awards Review Board (PPARB) to ensure an evidence of creativity ability and a high technical standard appropriate to your application.


We believe it's vital that all photographers continue to challenge themselves and develop their ability. The key to our qualifications reflect this, with three levels of achievement.

For those who have started their photographic journey. An approachable level for those to develop their competence in their work and visual awareness.
  • A benchmark of competency
  • Showing professional competency within the overall impression of your images
Photographers who can demonstrate a high technical competence and comprehensive knowledge of photographic techniques, that also shows an individual approach.
  • Additional creativity and experience
  • A high level of understanding of the subject and artistic presentation
Photographers recognized at the highest level with an established distinguished and distinctive body of work. A unique style and a discerning quality are expected.
  • An outstanding level of achievement
  • Showing an exceptional and impressive creative style


There are 2 closing dates for PRINTS submission: Last day of June and Last day of December.
There are 12 closing dates for DIGITAL submission: Last day of Every Month.
The parcel or digital files must arrive 14 days prior to the submission deadline. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that they arrive on time.


  • You must submit an application form, which is available from HERE
  • You must pay the exact application fee by local transaction (for Hong Kong only) or Paypal ( No refund for all applications.
  • You must pay directly in USD, we do NOT accept other currencies.
  • Upon receiving the completed form sending through e-mail or by post, your application will be processed, and a confirmation e-mail will be sent.
  • Please send / post 12, 15 and 20 images for applying Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship respectively.
  • For all levels of distinctions, a copy of the Hanging Plan (Prints) / Sequence Plan (Digital) must be provided on A4 paper with your full name.
  • For Fellowship application, a Statement of Intent, outlining in a maximum of 200 words in English, the purpose, objective or intent of the work should be included.


For all Prints submissions, we will arrange an assessment date about a month after the submission deadline (e.g. July and January of next year for Prints assessments).
For all Digital submissions, we will arrange an assessment date about a month after the submission deadline (e.g. Submission before the end of January will be assessed in February).


Once approved by the PPARB, you will be notified by e-mail that your Distinction has been awarded. An e-certificate will be sent to you by e-mail in 14 days after the assessment date.
All unsuccessful applicants will not be awarded and will receive a result report why they were not recommended.