Inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tours

Hong Kong is a city more capacious than its size suggests. We have a natural terrain and vast expanse of coastal waters hosting an impressive diversity of wildlife. Despite the small size of the territory, the interplay of climatic condition, geographical location and geology endows Hong Kong with a myriad of terrestrial and marine habitats and niches, which in turn are homes to a wealth of native flora and fauna.

The richness in biodiversity of Hong Kong is partly due to the fact that Hong Kong is influenced by subtropical monsoon climate, with hot wet summers and cool dry winters. Hong Kong supports more than 3,300 species of vascular plants including 2,100 native species, 57 species of terrestrial mammals, more than 540 species of birds, 198 species of freshwater fishes, 86 species of reptiles, 24 species of amphibians, 236 species of butterflies and 123 species of dragonflies. In our waters, we can find over 1000 species of marine fishes; two species of resident marine mammals, 84 species of hard corals, as well as 67 species of soft corals and gorgonians. Hong Kong is less than 1% of the area of Guangdong Province, but we have more than one-third of the amphibian species recorded there. Our record of birds accounts for over one-third of the total recorded in China.

NPS focuses on inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. We design and deliver eco-tours that help people understand and appreciate the nature and unique heritage in Hong Kong and around the World.

International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines "ecotourism" as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment." The keyword here is 'responsible'. We encourage people to build environmental awareness and respect. Our guides are knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained. They are qualified with ecotourism courses, and equipped with over 2-year eco-tour experience.

Some of our natural beauties are world-class by their own rights. For instance, the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail was included by National Geographic in its list of top 10 ancient highways. Dragon's Back Trail was voted as one of the best urban hikes by Time magazine.

All tours are mainly conducted in Cantonese. We welcome private booking for a group of students, corporate members or individuals.

Our routes include:

  • Birds and Wetland: Mai Po Natural Reserve / Tsim Bei Tsui / Nam Sang Wai / Long Valley / Lai Chi Wo
  • Insects: Tai Po Kau / Luk Keng / Tai O / KFBG / Shing Mun Reservoir / Hok Tau Reservoir / Aberdeen Reservoir
  • Plants: Tai Po Kau / Lions Nature Education Centre / Luk Keng
  • Village / Heritage: Lung Yeuk Tau / Kam Tin / Tai O
  • Amphibians & Falls: Sha Lo Tung / Bride's Pool / Tai Mo Shan Waterfall / Wu Kau Tan / Luk Keng / Tai Po Kau
  • Geopark: Ninepins / Wong Chuk Kok Tsui / Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region / East Dam / Tung Ping Chau
  • Hiking: Dragon's Back / Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail

We also offer overseas tours, e.g. Gopeng in Malaysia / Northern Thailand / Taiwan / Kenya / Iceland / Amazon's Wild Trip, etc.

If you have any other specific requirements or preferred language, please feel free to contact us at